The Union of Academic
Museum Employees unites
all culture heritage
professionals and students

Join us, museum professional!

Culture heritage professionals of today are specialists whose work have a great impact on the society as a whole. As our member you help us promote the valuation of our field and make the work of the professionals more visible. We offer you support in your career and we help you take your professional skills to the next level.

Our work follows our values: fairness, humaneness and trust.

We have ca 1700 members, of which 200 are students. We are an affiliate in central organisation Akava through the Akava Special Branches.

How to become a member?

Everyone with a profession or education in the museum branch or currently studying for the profession can apply for membership in the Museum Union. The board gives its approval on the basis of applications.

An application form in english can be filled out online here.

Application forms are also available in the office of Akava Special Branches or from the Museum Union.

Member fee

The member fee is 1,15 % of your salary and covers the union work, the Akava Special Branches work and membership in an unemployment fund. The member fee is deductible in taxation.

Students that are not working are exempted from the membership fee. If you work while you study, your membership fee is the normal 1,15 % of your income from your employment that is subject to income tax.

We have special membership fees for persons on f. ex. parental leave or entrenepeurs. Information on membership fees in different situations is listed on Akava Special Branches' website.

Member benefits and services

We help our members with contracts, negotiations and collective agreements. We give legal assistance and offer possibility to join an unemployment fund.

As a member you have free access to all our trainings and career services, such as checking your CV and other application documents. You can also apply for our education support and grant for further studies, in-service training or attending professional events and courses. Our student members can apply for a special thesis grant.

Our members also have the right to lend the union's international ICOM-card which gives free access or a discount on the entrance fee at many museums around the world.

All members have accident and travel insurances as well as the right to vacation support and services (A-lomat).

Our mission

Our main function is to handle salary, bargaining and other interests in the museum branch. We keep an eye on the salary development for museums, give statements and take part in education and development for the professional museum employees. Our aim is to make the museum branch well known and highly appreciated among the public. We give regular information on important labour and museum related questions.

The union board consists of a chairman, a vice chairman and 6 members. The board is elected at the members' meeting every spring.

Contact information

Our office

Museoalan ammattiliitto MAL ry
Ratavartijankatu 2 A (7th floor)
00520 Helsinki


Billing address:

Museoalan ammattiliitto MAL ry
Ratavartijankatu 2 A (7th floor)
00520 Helsinki
Business ID: 0706161-5


Do you have questions concerning our membership or services? Feel free to ask us!

Leave at least your e-mail address so we can get back to you.

Anna nimesi.
Anna toimiva puhelinnumero.
Kirjoita viestisi.
Toiminnanjohtaja Katariina Mäkelä

Executive Director

Katariina Mäkelä
tel. 040 7747 620
- operations of the union
- promotion of interests, lobbying and external relations

leikattuTT esittely

Organisation coordinator

Tuulia-Tuulia Tummavuori
tel. 040 554 7983
- co-operation with student organisations, universities and universities of applied sciences
- member events and education services for members

Workplace and legal consultation

  • Legal consultation for the municipal, state and university sector tel. 0800 135 380
  • Legal consultation for the private and organisation sector 0800 135 350

Telephone service is open Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Calls are free of charge.

You can also fill out the career services contact request.

Membership services

When you have questions concerning membership fees or membership information, please contact our membership officials tel. 0800 135 370.

Telephone service is open Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Calls are free of charge.

To update your membership information, you can also fill out the correct form.

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