syyskuu, 2021

15syys16:3018:00After work – Workinglife in Finland, laws and regulations to understandWebinarTapahtumatyyppi:Tapahtumat

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Registration for the webinar (by the 14th of September)

Target group: The members who want to learn the basics in English
Venue: Zoom webinar

Purpose and content: Come join the virtual afterwork together with other members to discuss about Finnish working life and what to know when diving into it, or being in it. The Afterwork is hosted by Negotiations Manager Elin Blomqvist-Valtonen.

Trainer: Elin Blomqvist-Valtonen, Negotiations Manager / Akava Special Branches

Attention! The webinar will be recorded!

Event originally posted on Akava Special Branches’ website.


(Keskiviikko) 16:30 - 18:00